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Can you be fired from a job due to illness, even with a doctor's note

Cresco, IA |

I was employed at a hospital lab as a phlebotomist. I had one on one contact with patients and other care givers. I would also go to the local nursing homes to draw for testing. I had nine absences since being hired in Oct. 08. All but three were severe illness in which I was a health risk to myself and others if I went to work. I am considered immune-compromised. I turned in Dr.'s notes explaining all these illness. My last illness was Strep throat. Upon return to work I was fired. I am some what confused on the legality of the firing. Can an employer fire you even if you were unable the safely preform your duties and could possible cause severe illness or death to others. I loved my job and other than my unfortunate illnesses was highly praised by my bosses.

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In order to answer this question one would need to know certain facts such as did you physician ask for any accommodation, the number of hours worked the last 12 months, the number of employees, etc.