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Can you be disaplined at work for a personal matter that did not violate company policy, or criminal law?

Rochester, NY |

i made a media post that the vise president did not like. And again i did not violate company policy. he demoted me told me i was a worthless parent and a sperm doner. and if he owned the company he would fire my ass and then i could sue him and he wouldnt care and that it would be worth it to him to get rid of me. he then stated there will be repercusions, oh yes there will be repercussions you can count on that. you better watch your back buddy im watching you. you need to find another job before i find a reason to fire you! i have a perfect portfoilio with this company. He is descrimanating me due do my personal opinions. He has created a hostile work enviorment and i dont think i can take anymore, i cant sleep, my family is upset, im a nervous wreck and cannot not perform my job duties

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Sorry but there are not enough facts here to answer your questions and it is likely too complicated for this forum. You should contact an attorney in your region that is familiar with employment law.

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