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Can you be charged with a crime if it is discovered due to the occurrence of a crime which is unrelated?

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For example, Person #1 brutally attacks someone because he had been smoking meth which he had bought that day. Upon getting a warrant to search the man's computer to see where/who he bought the meth from (Person #2), they find out that a Person #3 sold him marijuana the previous month. Can person #3 be charged with a crime here, even though the warrant would have been issued to the police to find the source of the meth?

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I wonder what legal basis the police had to get a valid search warrant. And, what physical evidence they would have to support this alleged hearsay sale of weed? I don't see how they can charge him with possession or delivery of marihuana absent some physical evidence linking him to this alleged transaction. Possession means exercising care, custody and control. From your example, the police did not find any marihuana, so how are they going to prove possession or delivery? They can't.



Your response was the main questionable area that I had regarding the situation. I was unsure as to whether they could validate their reasoning for arresting/charging Person #3 with a crime since it was not directly involved in Person #1's crime.


sounds like a law school type question.

This is AVVO, a place for users to obtain general legal information to general legal questions. I am glad to help you in any way I can, within those limits. I wish to make clear I am only communicating with you for the sole purpose of exchanging such general information, and nothing more. It is not legal advice, which I can not provide because among other reasons I know few of the necessary details of your situation. I do not purport to represent you in any way, shape or form. Of course, if you would like to seek out my services, and if you are a NY resident, I will probably not put up very much resistance but representation would still necessitate a signed retainer agreement between yourself and I. Thank you.



I assure you it isn't to help me out with a law school question. It's just a general inquiry.


Yes. As long the police had a warrant to search the computer, if they find evidence of other crimes during the search of the computer, they can use that unrelated evidence.


Yes. If it is a valid search warrant. Persons #1, #2 and #3 need all need lawyers. Here is wehre to find local lawyers: | For confidential answers on Florida law, call 1.877.452.9457. Attorney James Regan, LL.M, Esq., is a Florida lawyer answering questions pro bono. Answering these consumer questions based on limited and unverified facts does not create an attorney-client relationship. Being posted on the internet, these questions and answers are not confidential. For confidential answers on Florida law, call 1.800.452.9357.

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