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Can you be charged 1 Rape Forcible Compulsion without intercourse - it was attempted rape

Perkiomenville, PA |
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Attempted rape or not, your charges are extremely serious. I don't think Perkiomenville, PA has a lot of rape cases. I would get on the phone with an experienced lawyer as quickly as possible to discuss your options. No matter what, don't write about what it was or wasn't. I would hate to see the prosecutor use your AVVO question against you. Good luck!

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Take the advice of the first responding lawyer. Stop posting information about the case anywhere on the Internet, including social media like Facebook. You need to talk privately with experienced criminal defense counsel without delay. Reach out to those from your area who respond to your question, and use the lawyer search function on this website to find other candidates. Good luck.


I agree with my colleagues. Stop posting and retain an experienced criminal defense attorney s soon as possible. Good luck .