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Can you be arrested at a domestic assault arraignment not the actual trial but the arraignment?

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Ok domestic dispute between me and my "better half" got into a lil bit of physical dispute in public and the officers took me downtown the magistrate released me but i had to come back the next day is it at all possible to be detained at my arraignment

Commonwealth of VIrginia

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If you skip the arraignment--a bench warrant may be issued.

The judge has authority to have you arrested--depends on circumstances. At the arraignment the judge reads your charges and you enter a plea: "guilty," "not guilty" or "no contest" to the charges. The court then sets the date for the next hearing. The court will also determine whether to release you until the trial, on personal recognizance, bail or bond. The court may also choose to keep the defendant in custody.

Get with a criminal defense attorney ASAP before the arraignment.

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