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Can you be a cop if you had a felony, then had it reduced to a misdemeanor, than expunged?

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I had gotten in to a fight at a huge party in California while in the Marine Corps. I took a plea deal with a felony assault charge, but it was a "wobbler" so I could get it reduced. I finished my time in the Marine Corps got an honorable discharge. Did 2 years of my 3 years of probation then I was released early of probation, and had the felony reduced then expunged as a misdemeanor. I am now in the Marine Corps reserves, but was curious if becoming a cop was an option? It happened in 2009. It is the only thing I have on my record. Or had since it was expunged as a misdemeanor

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if you case is expunged then its as if you never had one, therefore its not on your record I presume.
This should help you.

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Based upon the facts you've given, you are not a Felon.

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Although your main concern seems to be whether or not you would be eligible for Missouri P.O.S.T. certification, a bigger concern would be whether or not a particular department would hire you. Many academies may accept you, but you could have a hard time finding a job. That being said, for many departments your status with the military, the amount of time since the offense and honesty during recruitment will be helpful. I suggest you get an official copy of your California criminal record, Missouri criminal record a your military record. Take these with you and speak with a recruiter for some police academies and departments and see what they say.

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