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Can you bail someone out with an INS HOLD Sacramento attorney said yes!

Modesto, CA |

We consulted with an Attorney who verbally indicated he could bail out my brother who had an INS HOLD. We paid the attorney $3,500 dollars and my Brother was still deported. Now the attorney is asking me to sign my brothers name (forge it) on an agreement indicating he could keep 1/2 for his work when in fact we/I told him in advance that there was an INS hold. He said he could bail him out can he do this?

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Attorney answers 2


Sounds like your attorney may be in a little bit of a bind.

No, generally you can not bail someone out when there is an INS hold (will technically you can post the bail but the person just won't get out).

If your brother didn't sign a contract and the attorney took 3500 without a contract (assuming you didn't sign a contract either), then the attorney has a challenge in keeping the money if you decide to fight his fee.

Generally an attorney MUST have a written contract if the fee is $1000 or more.

Good luck with the situation.

Matthew Williamson


Well, maybe Mr. Williamson is more of a gentleman than I am. What you are describing is very unethical and should be reported to the California State Bar. You could also demand a refund of part or all of the money paid.

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