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Can you ask for a reduction of your bond while you are incarcerated without a lawyer?

Deltona, FL |
Attorney answers 2


Yes, you may file motions on your own behalf while you have no lawyer, although I would suggest that if a person is facing criminal charges, then they certainly should have an attorney. If the individual is unable to afford to hire an attorney, they are entitled to have the Public Defender appointed to represent them.

Geoffrey R. Mason


The most immediate answer is yes, but it is difficult because asking for and receiving a bind reduction is all about risk, and one must shoe that he is a good risk to be out on bond or for a reduction, and some issues to be considered ate ties to the community, current employment, relatives in the area, property ownership, any priors, severity of crime. Personally, a lawyer can be very important in being objective and preparing oral argument or witnesses in your case to ask for a bond reduction.
Richard Alexander