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Can workman's comp be in trouble for lying?

Buffalo, NY |

Workamn's comp has been procrastinating giving me an MRI as my chirpractor believes i have a herniated disc in my back. They recently lied to him saying they spoke to me and that I said I would handle the situation myself, but that never happend. I never even received a phone call and can get phone records to prove it.

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Workers compensation claims are subject to high intensity micromanagement by insurance companies. Adjusters want to do anything they can to get people off comp as quickly as possible. Have your attorney handle this. If you do not have a workers compensation attorney, now is the time to bring an experienced workers compensation attorney on board if you are serious about your case.

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That is called Hearsay. You were probably not a witness to any conversation between the Chiro and Adjuster. The discussion, in the end, is probably of very little importance. The issue will be whether the MRI was requested by a proper person, whether it is medically necessary, and whether it was provided. And why would you be with a Chiro if he thinks you have herniated disk? He cannot fix that....

We give free general concepts to be helpful, but you should give ALL your facts to a licensed Attorney in your state before you RELY upon any legal advice.


Probably not. Please consider hiring a compensation attorney in your area to handle your claim going forward. It is your best protection from what can be a difficult process to navigate.

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This is a complicated issue which will need to be investigated to determine your proper course of action. It is important to have an attorney handle your workers compensation case so that these types of matters can be addressed directly with the insurance company and the compensation board if necessary. I am available for a free consultation if you would like more information on how to handle this matter.


You need a workers' comp lawyer and a spine specialist such as a neurosurgeon.

The chiro is not the right kind of doctor to see for a herniated disk.

If you continue without a lawyer, and seeing a chiro, then your situation is likely to just get worse and worse.