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Can we stop paying child support?

Columbia, TN |

Hello, just the other day my husbands son called asking if he could move with us at the end of the school year. He is 16 and my husband also has a 14 yr old daughter that lives with his ex wife. I was wondering how this works since she will have one kid and we will have another kid. My husband got divorced in IL. and we live in TN. now.

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I agree with Ms. Sinclair. You need to go to court to do two things: modify your current parenting plan to make the Father the custodial parent of the 16 year old son, and also to terminate the Father's child support for that child. This may be a fairly simple process, if the parties both agree to the change and can come up with a parenting schedule for both children.

Child support would be recalculated based on current incomes, health insurance payments, recurring medical expenses, etc.

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First of all, who put the 16-year-old in charge? If both parents agree to the change, then the court orders for custody can be updated by stipulation. In connection with that update, the child support can be recalculated at the request for either parent. Current income information will be exchanged and the new amount calculated according to the relevant formula from the state's child support guidelines.

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