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Can we start homeschooling ANYtime? Please, only WA attorneys respond.

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I want to homeschool starting now, but next quarter doesn't start until April. The rules I've found say that 1) we're in compliance with compulsory attendance laws if we're homeschooling, and 2) we have to declare within 2 weeks of the next quarter.

So, I would like to believe this means that if I declare now everyone will be on notice that we are home schooling now. and we will have certainly declared within 2 weeks of late April.

Are we safe? Or are we forced to finish out the quarter at public school?

We're told playing with silly string constitutes criminal assault and weapons charges. Nonsense I hope a prosecutor would never consider - but administration has actually put these allegations in writing. Looks like they want us out. Can we leave now without becoming truant?

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I have never heard of a student needing to wait until the end of a quarter/semester to transfer to home school. As long as you comply with the 2 week deadline you should be ok. However, if you have not already, you do need to make sure that whoever will be providing the education to your child meets the minimum standards found in RCW 28A.225.010(4) before the home school program will exempt your child from traditional truancy requirements. If you meet those requirements, I would contact your superintendent to get the proper forms to fill out and go from there.


RCW 28A.225.010 (1998) generally makes attendance at school mandatory for children over the age of eight and under the age of eighteen. Homeschooling is an exception and is permissible if administered by a qualified person (i.e. if you have over 45 college credits pursuant to RCW 28A.225.010(4) (1998). It appears as though you can file your declaration of intent to home-school at any time after the child's eighth birthday, regardless of time of year. It would stand to reason, therefore, that in your particular circumstances it would be permissible for you to commence your child's homeschooling at any time. The Notice of Intent is mainly to relieve the State school system of the responsibility.
See also RCW 28A.200 regarding home-based instruction.

I recommend checking out the following website:

My big brother and his wife homeschooled their daughters and they turned out fine.

Good luck.

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