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Can we put up a fence in a boundary line dispute?

Somers, CT |

in the mid 70's a subdivision surveyed 32 feet onto our property and we didn't know about this until recently. we're in a dispute and want to know if we can put up a fence. our surveyor agrees with our boundary line as we have found an error in the subdivision survey.

there is no adverse possession for the subdivision.

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Present your survey to obtain a permit for the fence. Once approved for permit, build away.


You should speak with a local land use attorney. There are a number of issues that could be arising such as adverse possession.


In that there may be issues as to adverse possession and other issues, it is in you best interest to consult with an attorney prior to taking such action.

Best of Luck!

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Sorry to tell you that Ct's adverse possession statute would certainly apply. What you have not made clear is who has been using that 32 ft into what you believe to be your property? If you have been mowing, gardening etc. for these past 40 plus years, then the statute applies to your benefit, despite whose survey erred. But if the subdivision and or the new property owners have been using that land, then so much time has passed without you objecting that they could claim under the statute. You need a lawyer, before you waste money on a fence.

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