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Can we just cross the Mexican border at Nogales to get new I-94's with extended dates?

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I am an H1B visa holder, my visa got extended by my employer till July 2012 (filed I-129, got I-797 approval notice). I traveled a couple of times abroad, so my I-94 now shows July 2012 as end date. But my employer did not file an I-539 to extend my family's period of stay (they are on H-4's), and their I-94s expire in September 2011). Can I just cross the Mexican border at Nogales with my family so they get new I-94's with the extended date, based on my approval notice? Or do we have to file I-539 no matter what?

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Returning to the US will require that you have valid visa stamps it your passports.

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Leaving the US and then returning will do nothing with respect to your family's I-94 date. They will need an I-539 filed on their behalf. On the application, make sure you cross reference to your H-1B.

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There are two ways you can extend your family's I-94 cards -- file an I-539 for your spouse and list all children (each will get a new I-94 card). This must be filed before the expire in September 2011 and make sure each passport is valid for at least six months. You need to include copy of your H-1B approval, marriage and birth certificates and evidence you have maintained status such as W-2 and current pay stub. Other route is for them to leave the U.S. and schedule a visa interview at an overseas consulate.(the Mexican consulates are NOT inclined to take third-country nationals these days so check before you go; may be better with a Canadian consulate if you do not want to go to home country.)

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