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Can we get rid of Alimony payment in Pa?

Pittston, PA |

My husbands ex won a custody battle to relocate his son. She told the judge she would married once moved. She is living with her "fiance" but we believe she will never marry because she could lose alimony. It was listed as "alimony" in divorce decree eventhough I believe there is no such thing in PA anyomre. Also, it was in lieu of property so it says nothing about her being able to cohabitate or marry and still receive or not receive money. It was just up to a certain dollar amount. Is there a law in PA that supercedes this arrangement. She is living off of this man and us. She does not work, her unemployment ran out and is now going after us for more child support because of this. Can we get rid of this "alimony" payment if she never marries? $500/m plus support $370/m is killing us.

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Alimony is alive and well in PA and comes in several variations. Depending on the terms of the actual settlement, the alimony may be subject to modification or termination. If the ex-wife is living with her fiancé subsequent to the divorce, the cohabitation is grounds to end her continued receipt of alimony.


I agree.

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