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Can we fight eviction without notice to comply?

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Our landlord served us with eviction papers from his lawyer today. We are 14 days late on rent, and have it in hand today to pay him, late fees and all. We were not served with any written notices to comply and correct any violations. It has not gone to court yet, just a letter from the lawyer. Can we fight this, due to the fact we were never given written notice to comply? I cannot currently find our copy of the lease, but lets just say that it does NOT state that our LL is not required to provide such notice?

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If the case were to go to court, you would be able to pay the full amount to avoid eviction. The landlord and/or the attorney will know this. Therefore you should contact them and let them know you are prepared to bring the account current. If they accept payment, make sure you get written acknowledgement that you have paid (you should always get rent receipts) and that you account is current as of the current month.

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