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Can we dispute a traffic accident ticket and do we need an attorney for it?

Bellevue, WA |

My wife was involved in an accident were she and a overloaded truck made the turn right on a green light. Looks like the truck started the turn a bit earlier than my wife and its trailer bumped into her leaving us with a damaged car.
We have just received a ticket by the state patrol who go there although we are not sure its my wife's fault, as the trailer was way over on her lane.
She also didn't have the latest insurance card and the fine for that is an additional $500, although we do have it at home.

Can this be disputed?

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Unless it is a Red Light Camera ticket it is almost always worth while to dispute a ticket. The Court Attorney will typically reduce the charge to one that has lesser points on your license, or a lower fine, or BOTH. Also, if you bring the current insurance card and have proof that you had insurance on the date of the accident, that ticket is typically dismissed.

I wish you the best of luck.

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Yes, your ticket contains information about where to show up to contest it. No harm in trying. Any witnesses? Sometimes the officers don't show up and the matter is dismissed. You're stuck with the insurance card problem, although if you show proof of insurance when you pay the fine for that, there's usually a procedure that will expunge this from your record after the passage of time (without further infractions). The clerk accepting your fine payment can advise you, or you may be required to make a traffic court appearance - see what your ticket says to do. Unless the ticket itself explains all this, don't send in your fine for the insurance card. Go into or call the District Court clerk's office and inquire. Good luck!

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Concur with the two prior posters. Good luck.


Yes you can dispute it, and actually disputing traffic tickets is fairly successful many times.

And no, as an individual, there is nothing that you are ever required to use an attorney for, although it is always a good idea to get some help from someone who has done it before.


You'd be amazed how many tickets are won in court by experienced traffic defense attorneys.

Contest your infraction. Theck the Contested box on the ticket and mail it in.

Call a traffic defense attorney.

Good luck.

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