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Can we break apartment lease due to international relocation? We have an additional 4 months on the lease after we move.

Woodinville, WA |

We are relocating abroad on a company relocation. Is there any way we can get out of the lease. We live in Seattle area, Washington state.

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You can ask the landlord. Perhaps it would be possible to sub-lease the premises.

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Mr. Kelly is right. An accord and satisfaction with the landlord could involve you helping vet suitable tenants to take over your lease. You can get out of the lease, but the question is what will it cost you and what can you do to mitigate your damages. Any attorney would need to review the agreement to see if there is any helpful language in it regarding breach.

If you are in the military, there is a section in the RLTA that allows you to break a lease with no penalty when you have orders requiring you to leave. Otherwise, it's trickier.

Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell


If your company is relocating you, it is common for the company to honor your lease obligations for you by payment or through subleasing. Otherwise, relocating is not a reason why the landlord would not be entitled to the benefit of its bargain in leasing to you originally. An attorney could be helpful in negotiating this, but it sounds like you are volunteering for this relocation opportunity, so perhaps this opportunity is more expensive for you because of pre-existing obligations that you have.

Perhaps you are a valuable enough employee that the company would want to cover this for you.

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