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Can we appeal a decision after sentencing? We believe my fiance was misrepresented by his public defender.

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“My fiance had a public defender for a criminal DWI hearing. There was a warrant for a blood draw to test his BAC level, but I just learned today that the blood wasn't drawn until 3 hours and 40 mins after the accident. He pleaded Guilty because we weren't aware of this. How can he appeal the sentence?”

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Yes. Retain an attorney to file a post-conviction motion. Under these circumstances you may have a valid basis for plea withdrawal.

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Depending on what your fiancé pleaded guilty to, you have strong claims for relief. The only way to address this is to have a lawyer file a motion on your behalf. The other issue is that you will want an attorney to review your case quickly, there are time limits attached to some of your possible remedies.


A test must be obtained within two hours of driving if he pled guilty to .08 or more (or .20 or more) charge. I very recently obtained for a client a petty careless on a .20 or more charge as a result of this type of situation. If he pled guilty to driving under the influence, the two-hour requirement would not be required. You should contact a lawyer immediately because there are time requirements. Also, you would not be "appealing the sentence" but attempting to vacate everything including the plea and the sentence (if he has been sentenced).

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You have 30 days after sentencing to appeal from a misdemeanor or 90 days after sentence for a gross misd. or felony; you have 2 years after sentencing to file a Petn. for post conviction relief to challenge the actions of the original atty. You definitely need to consult w/ some highly rated 10.0 Atty's. about this.

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If may seek to withdraw his plea. Appealing a sentence is possible, but is not likely to be successful if he entered a plea and waived all of his rights. You should retain counsel.

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Yes an appeal is possible. Please do secure an attorney with no delay and she/he will assist you. Tricia Dwyer Esq.

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