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Can warrant be issued for missing appointment to task force agent before charges if agreemnet form has no witness

Houston, MN |

small amount was found but was not booked and name on warrant was for person that was not resident which was person who missed the unwitnessed agreement who is tennant on lease

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The question(s) here is difficult to discern. I can tell you that a "Small Amount of Marijuana" possession is not a crime, but a petty misdemeanor, and so a person should not be arrested for that in Minnesota. Most people do not want to snitch due the risks involved. You may want to give a phone call to a criminal defense lawyer who handles drug cases to discuss.


Hello. Your post is not clear but indicates serious legal concerns. Please do contact an attorney right away privately to discuss your legal problems. All the best.

Tricia Dwyer, Esq., Criminal Law, Rule 114 Qualified Neutral, Minnesota Supreme Court Roster, Tricia Dwyer, Esq. & Associates PLLC, Phone: 612.296-9666.


There are several layers to your question, but it appears you might be asking what will happen to a person who does not follow through with an agreement with the drug task force. Well, first the task force would most likely file their reports with the prosecuting attorney or advise the prosecuting attorney to proceed with charges. If a complaint is drafted, it would be sent out by mail with a summons to appear in court on a specific date or would go out as an arrest warrant/order to detain. The arrest warrant would be for the person who was suspected of the underlying criminal offense. I am unaware of any specific criminal statutes that make it a crime not to cooperate with drug task force. I hope this helps.


What you're talking about is a proffer letter between the County and you to work with the Southern Minnesota Regional Drug Task Force. You need to proceed carefully, not only for your criminal charges, but your personal safety, which will be completely disregarded when the state gets what it wants. You need to secure an attorney immediately, and I would avoid hanging around anyone in the drug trade for some time.