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Can verbal abuse be grounds to cancel a prenup?

Ridgeland, MS |

My mother has been in a verbally abusive marriage for 11 years. She signed a prenup and cannot take the abuse any more. He repeatedly tells her he does not love her and that she is a worthless, stupid woman. He made her quit her job, but screams at her like scolding a child when she asks for money for groceries. Can this break a prenup so she gets something to leave with? Without, she has nothing.

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I am sorry that she is going through this and no one should have to deal with such abuse. It is important that whoever answers this question read your pre nup in relation to the law in MS. Also, please keep in mind judges have alot of power and even if the pre nup is upheld the court could hear testimony regarding the abuse and punish him while rewarding her in some equitable fashion. I hope that things get bettter, your mothe deserves to be happy and she is lucky to have you helping her. Take care.

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I'm sorry for her situation. She needs to have someone go over the prenup. Some have escape clauses, but others don't. It really depends on what it says. It's worth the time and money to have an attorney experienced in these matters look it over and advise her.

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