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Can unpaid traffic tickets be an excuse to why you cant sponsor a minor who is in the office of refugee resettlement?

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my husband is trying to get his brother who is a minor out of the center of refugee all the documents have been submit and approve the only problem now is that he has unpaid traffic tickets they r saying that if he doesn't pay them they cant continue with the process. Is this true can they use that excuse? One question that was asked was "have you or any person in your household ever been charged with or convicted of a crime OTHER THEN a minor traffic violations?" so why is that a problem now? Can i confront them and ask why that would be an issue and or if they r just using that as an excuse? what can i do to show or proof that it shouldn't be an obstical or can they just make up excuses to complicate the case

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So, you think he does not need to pay the tickets? If they told you that this is the obstruction to getting the brother out of the refugee center. Then maybe it is. You should have an attorney on your side as well as on the brother's side. The thing you probably need to do is hire an immigration attorney in the area.

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I think this question could be better answered by Avvo's immigration attorneys. I am going to change the subject of this question.


Seems like you could just pay the fines that are owed anyway or you could pay a lawyer to give you legal advice, which may be to just pay the fines.