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Can u help me find a entertainment lawyer that deal with music

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can u help me find a entertainment lawyer that deal with music

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Shannon Villalba in Cincinnati -

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I recently wrote an article for a Los Angeles music business magazine (Music Connection") that you might find helpful. ("Insider Tips on Hiring an Entertainment Attorney"). Link:

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Bienstock & Michael, PC. Ron Bienstock is your man.


Yes, we can help you. You will find music lawyers tend to congregate in NYC, LA and Nashville. Attorney Bartley Day, from Portland is a great exception and has a national clientele (see his answer).
Attorney Maurice Ross, from NYC, (also a performing musician, pianist) is the music lawyer most frequently contributing here on Avvo.
Either would serve you skillfully.

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Just do a search on for entertainment attorney. This forum is not the place for self-promotion or lawyer referrals by name.