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Can u get off of house arrest early for good behavior

Morrisville, PA |

i got 15 months of house arrest for hit and run. But i do not feel my lawyer did everything in his power to help me i was harrassed for 8 months before my hearing i never left my house. I also feel i did not deserve everything i got it was a bad accident and i live with it everday and once i found out it was a person i turned myself in. I just do not feel i was treated fairly. i have no previous affenses never been in any trouble. I am a mother of three and do everthing i am suppose to do

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Meet with a lawyer. Usually house arrest is a county sentence and the Judge can modify it. I would meet with a lawyer before making any motions to the County. You can also ask your probation officer is they have a program to let you off early.


House arrest in Bucks County is a special program granted by the sentencing Bucks County Common Pleas Court judge and the Bucks County prison system. The alternative to house arrest is being incarcerated inside the walls of the prison. Usually there is a starting point and an ending point for a prison sentence based on the guidelines. Also there is a mandatory time of the jail sentence that you must complete in prison. If you are on bad behavior in the prison or on house arrest you can be held in the Bucks County prison for the entire period under the judge’s sentence. To directly answer your question, I have never heard anyone getting out of house arrest in Bucks County early for good behavior, but I have seen people violate house arrest and go back to jail for the entire sentence.

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