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Can u get hit with a DUI over 24 hours later after an accident?

Sacramento, CA |

I hit a parked car and i drank a beer before i hit it. i am under 21 but the person who i hit bought me the beer. he is threatening to take me to court so that i can get a hit and run (even though i didn't run and we discussed it for a while and he didn't call the police or ask me for my insurance #) and a DUI (even though the accident occurred yesterday around 6 p.m.). He has 2 witnesses and they are 14 and 9 years of age. Should i be worried?

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You want to have a consulation with an attorney right away just in case you are charged.
It is possible that you can be ticketed after an event if the police have proof you commited the offense.
Anything you say about the incident can be used against you in court. So dont blog about this or discuss the incident except with your attorney.


Excellent advise by the other attorney. Contact an attorney and share the incident with your parents (guardian). Jeff


Contact an Attorney in your area to discuss your case. Do not post detailed info about your case on a public website such as this as it could later be used against you if the wrong eyes see it.

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