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Can u be charged with possesion if you were a passenger in a car and the driver took the blame for the drugs in the car?

Wills Point, TX |

my brother was arrested for drug paraphenalia which was a pipe and a pi the driver however had extasy in the glove compartment which he took the blame for. They went to jail and they cut a deal with the officers saying they would help bust other people so they let them out the following morning. My brother did not want to do it considering also his life is on the line but the driver is doing it. So they put out a warrant rearrested my bro 2 to 3 days later now he is being charged with possesion of a controlled substance over 1 under 4 grams which the other guy took blame for on camera is this legal?

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Your brother needs a lawyer immediately. Have your brother schedule consultations with local criminal defense lawyers.

Can the police charge someone with possession even if another person "claims" the drugs? Sure. Happens all the time. Cops often charge everyone in a vehicle with possession, then let the system sort out who is guilty.