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Can two parties who were wronged by the same person, on separate occasions, sue them in small claims together?

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An ex slashed a boyfriend's tires, though they couldn't prove it. Months later, that same person lights my car on fire, and my friend - after realizing who it was - remembers they also made a threat to slash someones tires, though they initially brushed it off as "just talk." When they contacted the person and asked if their boyfriend's tires were ever slashed around the time the threat was made, they confirmed that they were, and that they had suspected the ex though they couldn't prove it.

Though they're two different incidents, since it involves the same person, could we file a case together or would it be better if one party just serves as witnesses in the other's trial?

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better if one party just serves as witnesses in the other's trial


Not "better" but required to have two different lawsuits.

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You each should file your own case and act as each other's witness. Good luck.

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Two cases.

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I agree with my colleagues-two cases.

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