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Can two 16 yr olds have sex in california?

Paradise, CA |

Me and my girl friend want to have sexual relations but we are that her mom will try to charge me for rape we are both 16 and i am 3 months and 13 days older than she is. Can i get in trouble if we have sexual relations?

We are not drug users or drinkers and we plan ahead to have sexual relations and there is consent (emotionaly stable, appropiate age, honesty, both say yes, permission to say no, both understand what is going to happen, no impaired thinking both are clear and sober, equal intelligense, affection)

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You could possibly be charged with unlawful sex with a minor under Penal Code 261.5, but so could she. Would that happen? Who knows. But considering you are from Paradise, that would not surprise me. Rural counties tend to be more harsh than others.

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Ok is there any loop holes around that? And could a judge over rule a parents say in a teen marriege if we can prove that we bring in enough money to support our selfs?

Tai Christopher Bogan

Tai Christopher Bogan


Loopholes no. You could get married to the person legally and the law would not apply.



ok and do we need parents say in the marrige to take place?


If you are mature enough to make a responsible decision about sex, you are mature enough to know that getting yourself and your girlfriend drawn into the State justice system and charged with crimes pertaining to sexual misconduct is a terrible idea. Most rational people recognize that 2 willing 16-year olds who engage in mutually consensual sex is not the crime of the century. But if there is a parent on the scene who can be predicted to make all of the potential trouble that can be made, then the evaluation changes radically.

Getting criminally charged will change your life, plain and simple. Either of you getting charged will change your life and your girlfriend's, too. It will cause the end of your relationship and can result in one or both of you being removed from your home(s) or being geographically re-located by family determined to act prohibitively. You are in over your head here with the forces of authority.

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As both of you are under the age of LEGAL CONSENT [18] neither of you can consent to have sex. Both of you would be committing a crime. Unfortunately, it is almost always the guy who gets the criminal charge, I said almost always, not always. DA could potentially charge both of you.

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