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Can this injunction go bad ? And what will I need to make sure I get one. Any problems I might get into ? What else can I do ?

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My ex boyfriend ( we broke up 3 years ago) is harassing me , stalking me , slandering me , and blackmailing me. While we were dating we sent each other sexting pictures. At the time we were 15. Now he is 18 , and I will be turning 18 in two weeks. He is an illegal immigrant. He is making false allegations and saying that we did things that NEVER happened. Ex. A female messaged me on facebook telling me that he had told her he had 316 dirty pictures and that we did inappropriate things in the back of the car.( I have witnesses who say otherwise.) She then blocked me. This isn't the first time I hear that he is making up lies about me that could harm my reputation. I blocked him multiple times , and asked him not to come in contact of me. It doesn't work. I want the harassment to stop

I have tried ignoring him , blocking him , asking him to stop nicely , being friends, i even asked him to a concert which he stood me up, I have told him I'd call the authorities & even threaten to call immigration. He is harming my relationships with friends by adding them , and trying to establish a relationship with them , even asking them for inappropriate pictures , and saying sexual things to make them feel uncomfortable. ( he hasn't done these things in a while) , He is ruining my relationship with my boyfriend , and when I asked him about the pictures he first responded with "No I swear to god I don't have pics, and what pics of u? The 316 pics of u my dad deleted and threatend u with? " then later said " u think I would tell u the truth about that? -.- I have to have something just In case u try something(;". I just want the harassment to stop , but I would like to handle this in a without me having anything put on my record , or get me into trouble

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This is a difficult question to answer without a full consultation because the court will need to determine if your ex boyfriend's behavior is stalking or just irritating. I have seen many cases go before the family violence court judge with similar facts. You should consult with an attorney, particularly if the pictures of you were taken when you were a minor and he is distributing them to others. If you cannot afford an attorney, I suggest speaking to the victim's advocate at the courthouse. You should contact the Superior Court in the county you reside and ask for the contact information for the domestic violence advocate and completing protective orders.

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Anna Grace Plyler

Anna Grace Plyler


I fully agree with Ms. Noriega-Allen. You need to contact an attorney or a domestic violence advocate who will be able to talk to you about your options. A stalking order may be appropriate. Or if you are personally being harassed by him, you may be able to take out criminal charges against him. You need to talk to an attorney or advocate as soon as possible.