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Can they turn me over to collections if I am paying on my bill each month?

Miles City, MT |

I fell and broke two ribs a few months ago! I have been faithfully paying $50 a month on my bill and once o twice I've even paid a $100 when I had extra. I received a nasty letter from them that they had been trying to reach me regarding a pay plan so I called them and the gal said I had to pay atleast $80 to a $100 dollars every month or they was going to turn me over to collections. I told her I couldn't afford to pay that much each month and that I could only promise $50 per month and she sad that they'd send me to collections unless I paid what they was wanting. Then I got a letter today saying that I agreed to pay $80 a month and I did not agree to that! The guy that sits next to me in te office heard our whole conversation and he couldn't believe that sent a letter saying I agre

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They can turn you over to collections. The question is how far will they go in collecting. You have rights, and they have to put out a lot of effort to get anything from you if you decide to stop paying voluntarily. I'm not suggesting you intentionally do that, but a moment does come when you need to decide whether working with them is worth the effort.

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