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Can they stick me with Obstructing an investigation, If I didn't know there was one going on?

Cincinnati, OH |

I am 15 years old. I went up the street where I live to go smoke a cigarette. I saw a cop slow down and pull right next to me. My thoughts were, "Oh !#%!, I'm gonna get a ticket for smoking" So I just ran home and dropped my cigarette. Little did I know, 2 Hours prior to my incident, there was a burglary 2 streets over and I was wearing the matching clothing. They found me an hour later. I didn't know I was running from them, I was just running home. They accused me of burglary and everything without even asking me why I ran, and what not. They took me along with them to go get a positive I.D. from the home owner and She couldn't ID me. Since they were major pricks, They needed to charge me with something so they slapped me with obstructing a investigation because a cop was injured during.

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You shouldn't be sharing all of this information over the internet.

Find a juvenile law attorney or criminal defense attorney immediately. Talk to them in private about the charges against you.