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Can they make me pay for more capet cleaning

Spokane, WA |

I just did a final walk threw on a house I was renting on Jan 31st after the walk threw I was told that I would get my deposit back minus what was left on the electric and water for 10 days. I then get a call on Feb 6th telling me that I have to have the carpets spot cleaned now I had the carpets cleaned on Jan 27th since the 31st they had the bathroom redone and painted they also want a copie of my carpet cleaning bill for tex perposes can they do that? they also stated that they are cheging me for blinds after they said everything looked great and clean. They want to mail me what is left but I do not want to give them my new addy what legal rights do I have?

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Depending upon how your lease is worded, if it contained a provision indicating a "non-refundable" cleaning fee, the landlord must use that fee to clean the apartment. He may not charge any additional money for cleaning that is with the realm of normal wear and tear if the lease contained a non-refundable cleaning fee clause.

Concerning address, the landlord is required to provide you with the remainder of the deposit and an accounting of all monies taken from the deposit within 14 days of surrendering the lease. You landlord probably just wants to make sure that he follows the law in this regard by asking for you new address. If you have your mail forwarded to your new address and you do not want your landlord to know of your new address, you may want to tell him to send it to your old address and that it will be forwarded.

If you dispute any of the charges contained in your landlords accounting you may want to consider taking him/her to small claims court.