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Can They Arrest Me In An International Airport At US For Child Support?

Marion, IL |

If I Owe Child Support For Children Who Where Born In Florida And Moved To Illinois, Question Is, Can The Police Arrest Me If I Arrive To US At Any Of The USA International Airports.? Considering That My Ex-Wife Moved To Illinois in The Year 2000 Against My Will And Without A Florida's Court Permission. The Child Support Order Is In Illinois. I live In Another Country Now, And Might Return To Live In Florida.

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Yes, if there is a warrant for your arrest, otherwise not. The warrant would need to be known to local police, CBP or TSA for that to be likely. More likely is that you would get arrested some time later when someone in IL found out your were in FL, rather than upon your arrival. Your wife's moving a child out of state without court permission relates to your right of visitation and is a separate issue from child support

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