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Can the union take money members have put into a sundry account?

Teaberry, KY |

we started a sundry account that is in our contract about 160 member have put money in this account just in case they get sick. when one gets sick or hurt we pay from this account . we have been doing this for two years , now the union is saying we are breaking some by laws, and labor laws by doing this, (this account has their name on it ) and the only two options is to put in a strike and defense fund, or a cd. can they do this can they take our money?

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It doesn't sound like the union is trying to take the money. It sounds like the union is trying to make sure the money is in a fund that complies with the bylaws and the law. You need to read the union bylaws to see if the union is doing the right thing; certainly no one here on Avvo can tell you without reading that same document. At least, ask the union to show you the bylaw language that it refers to, as well as the law it is referring to.

If the bylaws do in fact say what the union says, then everyone hs to comply with those requirements. But the bylaws can be changed by a vote of the membership by following the procedure described in the bylaws.

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