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Can the state of texas use my previous 2 dwi's from 18 and 20 yrs ago against me for prosecution of a third one?

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Yes. The ten-year rule was thrown out by the legislature long ago. These priors will be used to enhance your current case to a felony. You need to hire an experienced DWI attorney as soon as possible.

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Unfortunately, they can. Now is the time to hire the best DWI defense lawyer you can find.

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The state can basically go back to the early 80's. There is no longer a 10 year look back rule. You need an experienced DWI lawyer as a 3rd DWI is a felony.
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The State can use your prior convictions to charge you with a felony on a third offense. There is nothing about how old they are that presents a hurdle for them. Whether they can prove the prior convictions is another a different question. You need to have your lawyer or a lawyer experienced with all of the things that could be problems with the judgment or the ability of the state to adequately prove the prior convictions review the matter. There are potentially many things that could prevent the state from being able to use the prior convictions at trial. The scope of those issues are well beyond a short answer.


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