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Can the State of California garnish my wages for back taxes?

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When I was in the military (Navy) I was station at Lemoore, Ca for 4 years. While I was station in Ca. I bought and sold some stocks via, Scottrade. The State of California tells me that I own them taxes on the stock that I bought and sold, but I never been a resident of the State of California. I'm a resident of Missouri.

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Yes, the State of California can garnish your wages. They can also seize bank accounts and intercept federal tax refunds. Nobody here can be sure about your situation without more information, but the first step is probably to file a California Income Tax return (either From 540 or 540NR depending on the facts).

What probably happened is that your brokerage sent a 1099 to California showing the stock sales, and no return was filed to explain the transactions. If you lived in California while you were stationed here, they probably have a decent argument that you were a resident. In cases like this, filing a CA return reporting your cost basis in the stock sales might significantly decrease your tax due.

Speak to a tax professional and discuss filing CA returns for the years you were here. Good luck and thank you for your service.

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Robert J. Hoffman

Robert J. Hoffman


*Form 540, not From.


If you were stationed in CA then you may be considered a resident of the state. And it sounds like the stock was reported to the state via the broker (Scottrade) but there may be information missing on your return showing what you paid for it and exactly what the gain (or loss) was. The CA Franchise Tax Board is very aggressive in pursuing tax collections at this point. You might benefit from the assistance of a tax professional to sort it out because CA can garnish your wages if there are taxes owed.

Good luck.

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More information is needed to fully answer this question. I would contact an attorney. They would be able to review this situation with you (make sure the garnishment is proper and for the proper amount) and advise you on your possible courses of action.

Good luck!

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