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Can the school share my personal information with another child's parent who's has no involvement and my parents gave no consent

Antioch, IL |

My parents were never asked if they could tell another students parents about a problem at school that he had no involvement. Can I sue if they disclosed my personal information between the parents, the school and myself

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Although anyone can sue anyone else, schools are generally immune and you would not win. All that would happen is that you would incur huge expenses and in the end, the case would be dismissed. The facts you describe do not rise to the level of a lawsuit even if you could vercome the immunity issue.


As an attorney and an elected member of my local school board, I have to echo Ms. Goldstein's comments.

However, what you are describing is certainly grounds for your folks to reach out to the Superintendent for additional information, clarification, and explanation. If you and your parents are not satisfied with the results from this meeting, you can always address the local Board of Education at there next posted meeting. The Board is composed of citizens from the community who are the direct supervisors of the Superintendent. The Superintendent is the supervisor's of the teachers and staff.

I do not pretend to know what the 'problem' you describe entails, but prior to exploring a lawsuit, I would highly encourage you to, along with your parents first reach out to the Superintendent and if not satisfied, make your Board of Education aware of the situation.

Good luck and try to remain calm and collected in dealing with the Superintendent and understand that the Board of Education is a volunteer group of local elected folks who may not have intimate knowledge of the situation you are facing, so if you and your parents feel the need to address the Board of Education, please be prepared to quickly describe the situation to such an extent that someone not in the school daily might be able to track and follow.

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i would agree with Mr. Zipp's comments!

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There are many federal laws and perhaps your state has some too, that make most information about a student confidential. I dont know what info was disclosed, and if it would be w/in the protected class. I would suggest you look for someone locally who practices education law, to see if anything here is actionable and if so whether it would be economically feasible to pursue.

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