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Can the repo man come in my locked garage and take my car?

Channing, MI |

the repo man was here last night i think he snuck in through the doggy door in my garage. he spilled a bucket of paint befor he left with my car. theres white tire tracks down my driveway and i can follow them for a half a block or so. i dont know if what he did is legal. my bank be closed today i dont know where my car is, he didnt leave a note and i gotta go somewhere tomorrow.

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In Michigan a lender may send a recovery agent to retrieve a vehicle that is in default of payment as soon as the default occurs (even one day late) unless the loan document states otherwise. However, the recovery agent is not allowed to breach the peace in the course of recovery. Breach of peace occurs when the recovery agent picks or opens a locked gate or garage. A recovery agent does not have the right to break into your garage to get your vehicle. You should contact the police to report the incident (especially since you do not know if this is the creditor or someone that stole your car) and you may want to contact an attorney to speak about repossession and the laws that govern these matters.

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do it still be considered breakin in if he came through the doggy door? its a open hole and if dude was tiny enough he could squeeze in. im just one payment back up and i told my bank last month that i would catch up by febuary when my ex started making me payments again.

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