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Can the police trespass onto private property and give a failure to display city sticker citation

Gilberts, IL |

My vehicle, parked all the way up my driveway (by the garage door) was ticketed at night for failure to Display the city sticker on the windshield. From the street or sidewalk, one can not see the if the sticker was old or not, even during the day. I can not believe that some police officer was trespassed onto my property and creeping around my car at night. Notice the sticker was paid for so a check of the license plate would not show anything. I am upset and feel that there is a reasonable expectation of privacy so close to my house, on my property, and there was no reason for any officer to be any where on my property anyway. Do I have any recourse? Thank You.

I had the same issue in skokie ,Ill. they showed up on my private driveway at 1.30 and ticketed 2 cars!! please advise

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In my opinion, there is a legal basis for challenging such a violation. For instance, there is no way for the ticketing officer to tell whether the vehicle is even capable of operation, unlike a vehicle which is parked on a public highway. The real question is whether the ticket, which is a non-moving violation involving a fine only is worth fighting about. Hiring an attorney to fight a fine only ticket that won't in any way affect your driving record sounds like a bad deal to me. If you fear this will happen frequently, you only have two options: 1) be prepared to fight it every time, or 2) buy a city sticker and keep it up to date.



I have paid my attorney 500 to beat a 100 dollar ticket. I plead not guilty to ever ticket I ever recieved in the last 25 yrs. My attorney said if everone pleaded not guilty they would be more reluctent to issue them unless truely just.

Steven H. Fagan

Steven H. Fagan


Most likely true, and good for you for putting your money where your mouth is. That said, most people need to factor finances into their personal decision regarding challenging the government.

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