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Can the non-custodial parent pick up the child on Saturday versus the regular visitation pick up 6pm on Friday?

Houston, TX |
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If both parents agree to the schedule change, then there is no problem with making adjustments to the court orders. However, if the custodial parent will not agree, then you need to make arrangements to pick the child up or have someone else pick the child up at the court-ordered time and place and schedule child care for time you are working.


I think that you are wanting to give up your Friday nights because of your work schedule. This should be no problem. Just write (email, text or letter) the custodial parent that you are intending to do this. Hopefully that will be enough. If the custodial parent ends up not cooperating, then you will have to go back to Court.

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If the parties agree to it then you can it. Strict interpretation is that you must pay for a baby sitter. Custodial parent would not be held in contempt if she did not make the child available on Saturday.