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Can the mayor issue a pardon for a terroristic threat?

Houston, TX |

10 years ago, I was charged with a class b misdemeanor terroristic threat because I told my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend not to come back to my house or I would shoot her. I plead no contest because I didnt have the money to pay a lawyer. Six years later, this becomes an issue for my job as a nurse because of a new Texas law where nurses cant work for any facility who bills Medicare/Medicaid. Can the mayor issue a pardon? This person had been coming to my house and because she worked near a HPD substation, she called one of the police officers, who happened to be her friend. I was cuffed and charged with a terroristic threat, even though she kept coming to our apartment. I realize this would remain on my record but I would be able to get off of housing and foodstamps in order to work again.

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Under Texas law, the authority to grant pardons and clemency is vested in the governor. See:

You should consult with a Texas lawyer in order to evaluate options you may have to minimize or eliminate the adverse consequences flowing from your conviction.


The only one who can grant a pardon is the Governor of the state. However, if its a federal crime, which it doesn't sound like, then it would take a Presidential pardon to have it removed.

You may have a right to sealing and/or expungement and that could be granted by a local judge.

Consult with a local attorney to see if you meet the conditions for sealing your record.

Good luck.


Depending on how the charge was resolved- if a deferred adjudication- you might be entitled to seal the record. If not, and it's a conviction your only hope is a pardon by the governor of the state.

Good luck