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Can the lawyers of avvo contact people who asked mugshot questions on avvo?

Miami, FL | was arrested and they hosted on AWS Amazon is also hosted on AWS.

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Your question is unclear. Lawyers on Avvo do not know the identities of the askers who post questions on Avvo so no. Your details are even less clear about Amazon and

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No.Your identity is unseen by us unless you provide sufficient information for us to sleuth your identity. What we know is the location you listen and your question. That's it!

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If the parties were to request contact through the "Find a Lawyer" function or were to look up the individual responding attorneys and make first contact, Avvo lawyers could then get in touch with those who asked the question. However, we do not have sufficient information based solely on the posting to be able to make first contact on our own - the system is designed in that way intentionally.

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