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Can the IRS come after my Social Security Income if I apply for it after a Chp. 7 discharge of 2006 income tax debt?

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I have a 2006 $50,000 income tax liability after the colaspe of the Real Estate Market. I would like to file for a Chp.7 bankruptcy discharge. After discharge, I would like to file for Social Security Income - I'm 63 years old and no longer own property.

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The key is discharge, if the bankruptcy court determines that the debt is dischargeable and it is discharged then they will not be able to pursue you for the debt in the future. Currently we are discharging IRS debts for tax year 2006 and earlier, one key requirement is that the taxes had to have been filed in the appropriate year, then if three years have passed they are eligible to be discharged.

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If the 2006 liability is the only outstanding tax debt you have, then once it is discharged in bankruptcy, it is gone. There is no reason for the IRS to come after you for anything because you would no longer owe aything. You should be able to discharge your 2006 liability if you filed on time (April 15 of 2007). You should make sure that the IRS hasn't filed a tax lien against you. If they haven't, then you should file as soon as possible.

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If you filed the returns on time, 2007, 2008 and 2009 tax years are not dischargeable. The rule is taxes are not subject to discharge if the return was due in the last 3 years, the return was filed in the last 2 years, the tax was assessed in the last 240 days, the return was never filed, or you committed fraud. If the tax is discharged, the IRS cannot come after any more. If not, then all benefits are subject to seizure up to specified limits. You can usually work out a payment plan to resolve this issue, though.

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If I filed my 2008 and 2009 taxes in April 2012 (forgot to file trying to save my and mother home from foreclosure) I can not re-open CH 7 to add my taxes? I am currently on a payment plan, but can no longer afford to pay due to finances, pending reduction of income, and possible family support lawsuit, I havea child that will be 18 in a few weeks, a willl need assistance with college, father will not assist,

Mitchell Paul Goldstein

Mitchell Paul Goldstein


If you did not file the returns before you filed for bankruptcy, then the debts will not be dischargeable.

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