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Can the Government allow a surcharge/tax on one company but not others in the same industry?

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I live in Oklahoma and today the Oklahoma Corporation Commission allowed Oklahoma Natural Gas to start charging customers who use natural gas as a motor fuel a surcharge of .25 cents per gallon at the pump, in addition to the taxes we already pay. ONG will then take the funds and give to certain consumers a rebate for switching to compressed natural gas. Oklahoma Natural Gas is the only natural gas fueling company charging this fee. They call it a surcharge as opposed to a tax. The requirements to get the rebate are unfair and unreasonable. I'm now forced to pay this higher price if I wish to fuel at ONG. ONG is prohibited by the OCC from charging anything above cost for Compressed Natural Gas. I just hate being forced to pay more. Do I have any options stop it?

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There are so many different parameters and issues to your question that if you really want to pursue it you should be consulting with competent local legal counsel and not trying to get answers for free online; DIY in an area such as this is really not a good idea.

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Yes it can, especially when as described in your post one is comparing apples to oranges.

No, you have no short term options to stop it, other than not buying your products there - vote with your feet!

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