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Can the feds indict you after everyone involved has been sentenced and gone to prison but you where never indicted?

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over a year ago i was leaving a home that the feds was preparing to raid got maybe 5mins from the home and was pulled over by state police at which time we waited for the DEA to show up they then took me back to the house (not inside) spoke with me for a minute then took me to their office finger printed me etc then took me back to my car and released me this was over a year ago everyone involved has been sent to prison i have not been indicted it is a drug charge am i still looking at trouble here?

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It depends on what, if any, incriminating evidence the individuals who have been sentenced gave the feds about you and/or your involvement. The short answer is yes, you can still be indicted.


You could still be in trouble depending on the crime and when it was committed. The best thing you can do is retain an attorney with exerience in federal criminal cases to advise you.

The answer provided here does not create an attorney-client relationship. This answer is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for retaining an attorney who can investigate and analyze all the material facts of your situation.


Yes, they can do that, legally speaking. The thing they can't really do is charge you Federally after you've been convicted in State.Court. You said that you spit the hook on State.charges, so the Feds can now come after you. I strongly advise hiring the best, most experienced criminal defense lawyer you can afford! Good luck in the case

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If the limitation period on initiating a prosecution has not expired (generally 5 years, pursuant to 18 USC Section 3282), yes. However, there may be factual issues (as opposed to legal issues) which may make such prosecution difficult.

Joshua Sabert Lowther, Esq.