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Can the dmv in ca still make me go to dui school if i only have 1 dui on my record thats past the 10 year period?

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ive had 3 dui's in my life,but they're all long ago & i went to prison for them.the last was over 10 years ago & is the only one showing on my record.when i tried to get my licence back the dmv said i had to attend a one year dui should be noted that i was an owner operator with a class "a" licence, but i never got any violations while driving a truck.i got the dui while driving a car??

first of all , thank you for responding so quickly..yes i do believe that you are right about my last dui being within 7 years of a prior, but even though,and please correct me if im wrong,but at the time of the crime(roughly 20 years ago),was there even a mandatory one year dui class requirement before you can get your licence back. also i do remember that when i went to court , i was offered either a prison term or a 6 month dui class with a 2000 fine.i opted for the prison term. so im wondering why the dmv is now telling me that i have to complete a one year dui class , when all they have is one dui on their records.

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If the last DUI over 10 years ago was within seven years of a prior, DMV is looking at the most recent one and calling it a prior. DMV has different rules than court, and does not just follow what the court requires. DMV's rules have changed over time, and very rarely does it benefit drivers with DUI's. The extra DMV penalty is probably what the Mandatory in Sacramento will tell you has happened.


Without more information, it sounds like your last DUI over ten years ago was within seven years of a prior DUI. That would cause DMV to require you to take the Multiple Offender DUI School before giving your license back. Talk to the Mandatory Unit at Sacramento DMV to confirm what you need to do to get your license back. You will also need SR-22 proof of insurance and must maintain it for three years after you get your license back.


the answer is yes they can. You ve been around the sytem enough to know YOU need an expeerienced attorney to fix this go to CDLA org and get one in YOUR county or visit my WEB under "links" and get one