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Can the custodial parent have the non custodial parent ordered to drug and alcohol testing before each visit?

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I have full custody of my daughter and visitation is upon mutual agreement between both parties. Is there a petition that I can file to have him drug and alcohol tested before any visit?

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If there is sufficient proof to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that conducting such tests before each visit are in your child's best interests the Court may order that done. You would have to file a Petition with the Court making that request, meet the necessary burden of proof, and argue to the Court why its in your child best interests. If there is already an Order in place, you would have to modify it upon the showing of a material change of circumstances.


You can file a motion with the appropriate court asking for drug testing. The motion would have to thoroughly explain why you feel the testing is necessary. Further, you would have to explain why requiring the father to have testing done is in your child's best interest.

You can also seek supervised visitation if you feel the father will be a threat to the child's safety or feel that the child will not be comfortable if left alone with the father.

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