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Can the court or judge issue a warrant if I don't respond as requested to a subpoena that I received at my P.O. box?

Placentia, CA |

I received a subpoena at my P.O. box requesting that I call the court to make arrangements to testify as a witness in a criminal misdemeanor hit and run case. It appears as though it isn't an official subpoena and it is some type of form letter. It does list the case number and penal code violation but, I don't believe it is not an official court document. There is no file date stamp on it and no judges signature. I'm assuming in order to be officially served with a subpoena it should be sent certified mail, personally served, or sub served. I would prefer not to testify but, I don't want the court to issue a warrant for my arrest. If I ignore this request I'm assuming the court would then file and serve an official subpoena leaving me no other option than to appear and testify. Thank you

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It is not possible to say without having seen the document. If it is a subpoena, and it was properly served, ignoring it could lead to you being held in contempt of court. Take it to a local attorney for review.