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Can the community service be replaced with something else?

Burbank, CA |

1. My child has a chronic medical condition that requires an every day care (I have a doctor letter).

2. I am a full time student during her school time.

In this case what the community service can be replaced with, and what are the possible scenarios?

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Ordinarily, community service is given instead of jail. You can always request to convert it to jail that you can serve on house arrest. Or you can see about converting it to a fine, but that's not as likely.

This is something to discuss with the attorney that represented you on the original case to discuss what options you have.


When you received community service it was given in lieu of jail or a fine- possibly in addition to those. You can get your case put on calendar and ask for something else, although I do not know what else there is. You cannot do house arrest as you want to go to school. Maybe the court will give you a fine instead. Do this ASAP and not when due. The sooner you ask the better. A lawyer might be able to help in this situation.


I write only to say that you might be able to convert the community service to electronic monitoring (EM) that will allow you to go to school. However, usually, community service is what people would rather have than jail or EM. Having said that, talk to a lawyer and bring in all your paperwork. She or he can give you advice. Good luck!

This is not legal advice. In order to get legal advice, you need to retain a lawyer and establish an attorney client relationship. So, talk to your lawyer!

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