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Can the Calif Parole Board probate me to Teen Challenge or must this come from a judge ?

Pasadena, CA |

This person walked away from parole yrs ago , turned himself in with no violations or crimes since . He attended Teen Challenge on his own once yrs ago but did not graduate . He wants to go back and complete the program . ( Teen Challenge is a Christian discipleship program for people with life controlling problems , drinking , drugs , etc )

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If you had no new criminal incidents and it is not passing through the courts but rather through Parole, then parole will handle it. I can see them putting you in custody for a while before releasing you on supervision. Parole tends to prefer that you are in a program with which they are completely familiar and with which they have a working relationship. I'm guessing this would be a long shot, but you don't know until you try.


Your question is a bit contrary in that I do not understand the "probate" reference, but from what I can pick up, parole would have first call on this.