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Can the biological father request DNA testing even though he has already voluntarily signed the Acknowledgement of Paternity?

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A Voluntarily Acknowledgement of Paternity was signed by both myself and my sons biological father before leaving the hospital after I gave birth. My son is almost 7 months old and I have not received any child support. I filed a petition with the courts so there is a court order for visitation in place and my sons father has had visitation with his son. I also filed for Child Support with DCSE around the same time I filed the petition for visitation. We are scheduled to meet with DSCE on April 25th, 2012. I was just informed on April 22nd by my sons father that he has scheduled DNA testing for the three of us on May 31st. Since paternity has already been established, am I still required to show up for the DNA testing with my son?

It turns out that my sons father scheduled for genetic testing through a private company. I advised them that the genetic testing was scheduled without my consent and that paternity has already been established and that I would not be agreeing to genetic testing for myself or my son. My sons father then contacted me via text and informed me that he ended up filing a petition with the court for genetic testing. Will the judge grant the genetic testing even though he has already signed the Acknowledgement of Paternity? He is 99.9% the father but he should have never signed the AOP if he had is doubts.

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He still can have DNA testing done.

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